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Ebooks & Articles for your Smartphone: Home

Follow this guide to download ebooks to your smarthphone (Android) for 14 days from our digital collection Ebook Central ProQuest (Former Ebrary)


You smartphone can work as your mobile digital library! You can download books and articles, read them online or save them for later and even export citations to a reference management tool. Follow this guide to learn how.

Note: this guide was written based on an Android phone but the ebook reader BlueFire is also available for Apple phones. The process is very similar for other mobile devices like tablets and e-readers.

NU Library Website

The first step is to log in to the library's website with your personal account information. You can find the link "Log In" on the upper right corner of your screen.

snapshot of the homepage of the library with underlined the Log In link

When you see your name appearing instead of the "Log In" link it means you can use now the electronic resources.

Click through the next pages of this guide to learn how to download books and articles.


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