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Political Science and International Relations: Getting started


Follow this guide to discover scholarly materials in the library and beyond on Political Science and International relations. We will show you the starting points, how to delve deeper to find an appropriate book or article and how to organize & evaluate your material. After you have used this guide, remember to fill out the survey at the end of this page; your input is valuable!

Starting out

Start your search at the library or the web after you have picked up your topic and made a short list of initial keywords-concepts that will be the starting points of your research.

A good place (and also safer) to start are the reference sources of the library: encyclopedias, handbooks and important monographs on the subject you are researching. See a list on the right.

Although it is not advisable to cite Wikipedia articles, you can use them to develop and refine your keyword searches and as an inspiration for further reading, by looking at the references at the end of the articles

Political Science

International Relations

For further inspiration you can check out news and magazine publications, listed in this page on the right, or visit professional associations to look up their conferences and the subjects they enlist there, both listed on the right.

Reference materials

You can consult both print and electronic reference sources at the start of your research. Click on the links to access the databases/e-Books or note down the call number and search the print book on the library's shelves.

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