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Kopernio - A Browser Plugin to Quick Retrieve PDF: How it Works?

Kopernio is a browser plugin that finds legal PDF copies of academic articles while you browse. Links appear on Google Scholar search pages, on journal websites, anywhere you are looking for access to articles.

Finding PDFs Using Kopernio

When you view the details of an article online in an online database or via a publisher's website you will see a Kopernio icon appear in the bottom left corner of your screen, which will indicate if a PDF has been found. Clicking on the icon will add the PDF to your Kopernio locker.

To access your locker at any time, click on the Koperino icon on your browser toolbar. Click on items in your locker to view them in the Kopernio viewer.

Adding PDFs to EndNote

When viewing PDFs in the Kopernio Viewer, click on the Export Reference button to the left of the screen to export your references with PDFs attached into EndNote in one click. 

More information is avialbale on the EndNote help pages.

Kopernio Premium

You can get Kopernio Premium for free by inviting one friend or colleague to join Kopernio. When a new user joins Kopernio through your personal referral link we automatically upgrade your account to Kopernio Premium. You can find your personal referral link on your settings page:

Kopernio premium offers an increased storage space of about 2 GB to qualify for this offer, register an account with Kopernio. You will be provided with an invite link for your account. Share this invite link with friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign up through your invite link.

You only need to get one person to sign up through your invite link, to qualify for an upgrade to Kopernio premium. After successfully linking your Dropbox, Kopernio premium locker contents will automatically be synced to your Dropbox cloud storage account.

It also offers Dropbox integration for both PDF articles in your Kopernio locker and Bibliography .bib files. To get started, click on the Dropbox tab under your Kopernio premium settings account. Then click on "Connect to Dropbox" link. It will redirect you to the Dropbox login page. Login to your Dropbox account either through your Dropbox login credentials or through your Google account. If you don't have a Dropbox account, do create one. It only takes few minutes to create an account.

Kopernio premium creates two separate folders in your Dropbox account- a Papers folder containing all your PDF research articles, and a Bibliography folder containing all your library .bib files.

Kopernio premium also offers unlimited tagging for articles in your locker. This ensures your articles are well organized and easy to search and find them in your Lockers.

Ability to automatically import PDFs in your Kopernio locker into your favorite Reference Manager applications such as EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley, through Dropbox.

See for more details.

Kopernio Features

Kopernio automatically builds up a search history of articles you access in your personal Kopernio Locker. This means you can come back and read full-text articles you previously read anytime and anywhere.

You can:

  • organize your articles with tags
  • download PDFs to your computer
  • export articles to your preferred reference manager (EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley)
  • or conveniently share the article with colleagues

Kopernio now includes enhanced integration with EndNote X9.2, allowing you to automatically export your references and PDFs straight from your Kopernio viewer into EndNote. When viewing PDFs in the Kopernio Viewer, you will be able to select the option to Export To EndNote which allows you to export your references with PDFs attached into EndNote in one click. If you do not see the Export to EndNote button, you may need to set EndNote as your preferred reference manager in your Kopernio settings. 

Kopernio also integrates with Web of Science data to help you make more informed reading decisions on the web. You can easily identify quality articles from journals that have been selected to be in the Web of Science Core Collection.  There’s also a convenient feature to look up the paper's citation count.

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