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School of Library Technologies


Nazarbayev University Library invites to participate in the webinars for academic libraries' staff in the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the annual School of Library Technologies for professional training and development. 

The theme: "Contemporary Academic Library: management, resources, technologies, and services".

The main topics:

  • December 9 (10am-1.30pm) Institutional Repositories
  • December 10 (10am-12.30pm) Marketing in the Libraries.

The language - Russian.

Web platform - ZOOM.


To register on December 9, please visit 

To register on December 10, please visit


The entrance link to the webinar will be sent upon registration.

The certificates will be provided upon registration.

Contact Information

Marina Poyarkova, SLT-2020 coordinator


mob. ph.: +7-747-44-39-608

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