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This guide navigates NU researchers and NU-affiliated authors on how to publish their publications with Cambridge University Press. It contains author guidelines, information about Gold and Hybrid open access journals covered, and details regarding fundin

Read & Publish Agreement

Read and Publish Agreement or Transformative Agreement includes the Article Processing Charge (APC) in the fee that institutions pay for their subscription to publishers. This fee not only covers the cost of accessing (reading) research outputs but also includes the Open Access publishing cost (APC) for authors in certain journals from the publisher's collection. In these agreements, authors usually get to keep the copyright for their articles, and the articles are published under Creative Commons licenses, allowing flexible reuse and broader sharing of research. The outcome is that articles published through these agreements become freely accessible in journals following either the Gold or Hybrid models for Open Access.

Benefits for authors:

  • Open Access Publication: Authors can publish their work open access, increasing its visibility and potential impact
  • Cost-Effective Publishing: The agreement typically covers the costs of publication, making it more affordable for authors to publish their work open access.
  • Increased Visibility and Impact: Open access publications get read and cited more, boosting the visibility and impact of authors' research.
  • Simplified Process: The agreement makes the publishing process for authors easier, as the costs and logistics are handled through the agreement.
  • Compliance with Funder Requirements: For authors supported by funders requiring open access, this agreement helps meet those requirements.


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Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press collaborates with over 2,000 institutions worldwide to support Gold Open Access (OA) research publications.

Nazarbayev University has an open access publishing arrangement with Cambridge, NU authors can publish their articles in OA without charges (specific terms and conditions may differ). Please be aware that Books and Elements are not covered by these agreements.

To be eligible, articles must:

  • Have a corresponding author affiliated with Nazarbayev University.
  • Be original research – eligible article types are research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports and case reports.
  • Be accepted for publication in a Cambridge University Press journal covered by the agreement.
  • Be accepted for publication from 1 January 2024.
    *For articles published in 2023, authors have until the 31st of March 2024 to convert their articles based on the transformative agreement with Nazarbayev University. Further information can be found here.

Easily check your eligibility to publish OA under this agreement and the journals available to you by using the eligibility checker tool.

Transformative Agreements Map of Cambridge University Press

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