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Copyright: Publishing Agreements

Learn more about the basics of copyright and your rights as an author. This guide will help you decide if a work is copyrighted and how you can use it for your research and course.

Publishing Agreement

A legal contract between a publisher and the author.

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Find your copyright agreement


For help understanding your copyright, please contact the NU Digitizatal Center.

Find out more

Find out more about the implications of not negotiating the license agreement and actually how to negotiate. 

Retain your Rights

As an author or creator of work you should retain your rights:

  • Publishers can create barriers for the use and sharing of a work
  • Some grants and funding sources require author retain certain rights
  • For submission to the NU Repository or other archiving sites like ResearchGate

When you submit an article for publication, you may be required to sign over some of your rights as the copyright holder as outlined in your publishing agreement. **This agreement can be negotiated‚Äč

Transfer Copyright but Reserve Some Rights

  • The right to make reproductions for use in teaching, scholarship, and research
  • The right to borrow portions of the work for use in other works
  • The right to make derivative works
  • The right to alter the work, add to the work, or update the content of the work
  • The right to be identified as the author of the work
  • The right to be informed of any uses, reproductions, or distributions of the work
  • The right to perform or display the work
  • The right to include all or part of the work in a future thesis, dissertation, or other scholarly publication
  • The right to make oral presentation of the material in any forum
  • The right to make materials available to underdeveloped nations for humanitarian purposes
  • The right to archive and preserve the work as part of either a personal or institutional initiative, e.g. on your own web site or in an institutional repository
  • The right to claim ownership in every draft and pre-print version of the work

Keep Copyright and Transfer Limited Rights to the Publisher 

  • Change the contract language to include "non-exclusive license for the duration of the copyright".
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