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What is an Author Profile?

A virtual CV of your publications. Your profile lists all your publications, your research metrics, and collaborators.

Image: google scholar profile

Advantages of an Author Profile?

  • Name standardization
  • Provide links to the publication site of your works. Databases, repository, or other open access
  • Track citations
  • Demonstrate your research impact
  • Disseminate your research
  • Grow your personal networks
  • Increase visibility by linking author profile to email signatures and social media such as LinkedIn


  • Can't edit incorrect entries (metatdata control)
  • Time and effort to keep information updated

Further Reading

Shanks, J. & Arlitsch, K. (2016). Making sense of researcher services. Journal of Library Administration 56(3)


Subject Librarians

Research help and training is conducted by Subject Librarians who are knowledgeable in the specific resources of your School or Research Center. Contact a Librarian Now!

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