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I did not Plagiarize! Think Again: Introduction

This module will help students understand and identify various kinds of plagiarism and how to avoid commiting it.



Learning Outcome

Differentiate own ideas and the intellectual property of others to demonstrate academic integrity and use information ethically.

At the end of the module, the students are expected to:

  • Apply ethical principles to achieving a high level of academic integrity and honesty;
  • Understand the types of plagiarism and how to avoid it;
  • Value information and research ethics including privacy, confidentiality, copyright, and intellectual property;
  • Familiarize with existing ethical research guidelines in every discipline.

Students are exposed to various forms of plagiarism and they are vulnerable to committing them. There are many types of plagiarism and you may be unaware of and accountable for doing it. Before submitting your creative work, think many times if you were able to submit an original work before it's too late.

Photo credits: Callaci, A. (2017). Copy, Paste and Save: Is This the Golden Age of Plagiarism? From

Plagiarism Quiz by UTS

  • Select from among the disciplines to start the plagiarism quiz.
  • Follow this link to test your knowledge about plagiarism.  
  • Writecheck has also prepared a plagiarism quiz.
  • Click this link to go to the quiz.

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