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Identify and Evaluate Sources

101 help to identify types of sources and evaluate them

Questions To Ask

Question the science presented in the literature. Errors can be found here:

Primary Sources


  • Were the correct methods used to measure the hypothesis?
  • Is the experiment replicable?
  • Was an appropriate sample size used?
  • What controls were used?
  • How were the samples chosen?


  • Correlation is not Causation. Does A affect B or does B affect A?
  • Can the results be significant but not important?
  • Does the data support the conclusion?
  • What assumptions have been made?

Secondary Sources

  • Does the author miss important pieces of information that could contradict their point of view?
  • How does the source compare to similar sources?
  • Does the author distort the original meaning of the source?
  • Does the author identify any bias or assumptions?

Types of Bias


Read the methods section of the article below. What questions would you ask? How do you find the answer to these questions?

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