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Identify and Evaluate Sources

101 help to identify types of sources and evaluate them




Detecting fake information starts with understanding why the information was created.

  • Is it fake news - created to get money?
  • Or propaganda - created to justify an action?

So ask questions, fact check your sources, and let technology help.


"Identifying the truth is complicated"

Mark Zuckerburg

Ask Questions

This whole guide is about asking questions. Question the

  • data and statistics 
  • Quote attribution
  • Author bias
  • Publishing issues
  • Assumptions
  • Conclusions
  • Theories
  • etc. etc. 

Fact Checking Sites

More Tips

  1. Fake sites mimic web address of real news sites. Comic to remind you to fact check before posting on social media.

2. Read the same information from multiple news sources for different points of view. 

3. Watch out for search algorithms that decide what information you will be exposed to. 

4. Watch for circular reporting and doublespeak

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