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Green Campus: Activities

The guide introduces to the Green campus office activities and recommended resource in the field of environmental studies.


Green Campus supports cultural, educational, and innovative activities aimed at strengthening the eco-conscious culture within and outside the university community.

Tree planting

Green Campus on a regular basis organizes tree-planting activities on campus. Since its establishment various tree species were planted on campus: willows, pine trees, Canadian maples, Manchurian walnuts, Ussuri pear, golden currants, mountain ash, red guelder rose, blood-red hawthorn, Rugosa roses, Chokeberry, Nedzvetsky apple trees, almond trees, and others.  

Trees absorb a huge amounts of dust and carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It is known that one hectare of plantings absorbs about eight liters of carbon dioxide in one hour, and then releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Mostly we plant the seedlings donated by the organizations or purchased on the means of revenue from paper and plastic recycling.

Waste management

Green Campus coordinates a separate waste collection process on campus for its further recycling. University collects separately six types of waste: paper, plastic, glass, metal, batteries, light bulbs.

Recycling companies: 

  • "Kagazy Recycling"- paper recycling. Website:
  • "Green Park" LLP - plastic, polyethylene, and PET containers recycling
  • "ALMATYSTEKLO" glass factory – glass recycling. Website:
  • PromTehnoResurs - used batteries. Website
  • KazekotehAstana - mercury-containing wastes. 
  • Aldy Astana,  AsiaLom LLP – metal waste



Green Week 

"NU Green Week" is a mainly organized and student-driven NU Green Society with the support of Green Campus Office in order to promote an eco-conscious culture within our community. Usually, the Green Week program includes eco-talks by experts, workshops, garage sale, vegetarian food fair, eco-trips, art exhibition,s and watching environmental movies.



Climate week

Youth Festival «Climate Week» is conducted once a year to enable the stronger involvement of youth in discussions on climate change. Festival includes eco-trips, visiting the waste recycling plant, debates on environmental issues.  Climate Week is organized by Green Campus Office, UNDP, and CF «Kazakh National Geographic Society». 




The training course “Conscious Consumption for Beginners” by professional ecologist and ecotrainer Veronika Dashkova is conducted in order to introduce listeners to the basic principles of conscious consumption and provide them with all the necessary tools for a sustainable shopping routine. The training program consists of three main modules: Ecolabels: the main types of existing ecolabels of goods and their meaning; Product packaging: sustainable product packaging and types of packaging that can be recycled; Environmentalist kit: essential tools for sustainable shopping routine.




Green Campus Office coordinates the provision of the national stage of the “Climate Launchpad” from 2018. CLP s the international competition aimed at finding and supporting talents in the field of green and clean technologies. In 2019 our students Aidana Toleshova, Daulet Aitymbaev, and their team won the Theme awards nomination - “Clean mobility” on Grand Final of the CLP in Amsterdam. The winners presented the HydroPlat project - the production of special nano-materials for hydrogen cars. From 2020 NURIS has become the event partner.


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