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Become a powerful searcher using keywords


1. Keywords can be synonyms, antonyms, related words, phrases, dates, names of events, of people, etc.
    E.g., of related words: "war of independence", "revolutionary war", "american revolution"


2. Watch for alternative spellings of proper names. They are often spelled differently in different languages.
    E.g. of alternative spelling:

  • Mao Tse-Tung / Zedong    
  • Toussaint Louverture / L'Ouverture

3. Put yourself in the author's shoes and think about words he might have used to write on the topic.
    E.g. of similar terms:

  • teens, teenagers, adolescents, youth, youngsters, "young adults"  
  • anorexia, bulimia, "eating disorders"  
  • nutrition, food, diet, "healthy eating"

The order of the keywords in your query is important: [paris hilton] will not give you the same results as [hilton paris]

Example of keywords for an essay on IMPERIALISM:

Example: 1st tier keywords are keywords directly related to your topic        

  • imperialism - empire          
  • colonisation - colonial        
  • expansionism            
  • conquest                 
  • independence          
  • name of country (countries)     

Example: 2nd tier keywords are words that will help define your topic 

  • impact
  • legacy
  • motivation, causes
  • environment, geography, resources
  •  “primary sources”, artefacts, documents, images
  • timeline

Here are other keywords that could help you narrow your topic:

study, "primary source", statistics, analysis, controversy, legacy, advantages, effect, causes

Remember, not all keywords will be give the results you expect. Be creative, focused, and patient.

Choosing Keywords


For each sentence, write a few keywords you think will help you get the best results.

Example: Is it true that penicillin is no longer effective to kill bacteria?
  [penicillin efficacy]
   [bacteria resistance penicillin]
   [bacteria resistance antibiotics]

1.    I want to find more books like 1984 by George Orwell.
2.    Did someone else authored Shakespeare’s works?
3.    Who is the Prince of Pop, and what is the blotted line that he made famous?
4.    Who are believed to be the ancestors of the French

Source: American School of Paris (2023). Keywords.

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