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NUGSE Shanyrak Academic English Support Site: Welcome

NUGSE provides its students with general Academic English Support on a variety of topics.

This guide is designed to help you with writing issues. 

AES ( Academic English Support):

  • aims to support students through the various stages of the graduate programs.
  • prepares students for success in their other courses, as well as for their future professional lives as multilingual educational professionals and scholars.
  • emphasizes both the academic skills of writing and speaking (e.g. clarity, organization, argumentation, revision, referencing), and the dispositions required to develop them (e.g. audience awareness, curiosity, criticality, collaboration, ethical scholarship).
  • highly values the role of relationship they develop with students as they communicate expectations, provide formative and summative feedback, and offer academic and personal support.



Visit us: 

NUGSE, block C3,

AE instructors: Robert Gordyn and Miriam Sciala-Office M025

Barclay Mullins- Office M028

Teaching Assistant: Madina-5th Floor, Open Space

Book the consultation:

email us:

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