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Identify and Evaluate Sources: Introduction

101 help to identify types of sources and evaluate them

Topic in Brief

  • The appropriateness of sources for the research is contextual, depending on the topic and purpose of the study.
  • Using different types of resources you add credibility and show you as an expert researcher.
  • Secondary sources provide diverse interpretation of primary documents and could be hardly trustful.
  • Associate your research with citation of good quality, for people judge research by the quality of the ideas you associate yourself with.
  • Evaluation is required even if you find resources through the library.

Learning Outcomes

Follow this guide to be able to:
  • Determine scholarly sources including statistical data as relevant results for your research;
  • Understand the importance of evaluating information sources;
  • Apply the CRAAP Test in evaluating information;
  • Identify predatory and fake sources of information.

Reference Librarian Department

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