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Citation Styles and Tools: Endnote


Endnote is a reference management software used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays, articles, and presentations.

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  • Group into folders
  • Retrieve articles quickly
  • Share citations with others
  • Update citation records
  • Sort and find duplicates




Endnote Setup - The First Time

1. Sign up for an account.

2. Install the Endnote bookmark

Visit Options > Download Installers

Where the download installer button is on the page

3. Optional: Endnote Write and Cite for Word. 

Adding Citations Using the Endnote Bookmark

As you are researching, to save an article click the bookmark to capture the metadata on the page you are visiting. 

Caution: The bookmark may not capture the metadata for the article but the website's title, author, date, etc. 

Image: endnote Bookmark popup


Adding Citation from Google Scholar

Step One:

From the Google Scholar results list > click on cite > Endnote. This will download a .enw file.

image of the different citation styles

Step Two:

Open the .enw file in Endnote. Go to Collect > import references

image of the import reference button

Step Three:

Import the file with the import option set to "Endnote Import".  The To field, allows you to group the citation into a folder. 

Image: import options

Pro tip: Favorite the Endnote import to quickly add the next citations. 

Other Databases

To cite articles from databases, look for words like "download citation" "export citation" "citation tools"

Most databases will have an option to export a .enw file. Follow the same steps as a Google Scholar citation. 

Some databases have the citation as a different file type. (.ris .csv). When importing the citation to Endnote choose the most appropriate "import option" from the dropdown. 

Create your Bibliography

To create your Bibliography go to format > Bibliography

From this page, you can select which citations to include, which citation style, and what file format you want to download. 

Image of the bibliography setings

Manage Folders

Share the folder to collaborate on the project

Cite While you Write




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