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Communication and Composition: Citing & Plagiarism

A guide for the Department of Communication and Composition


It's a good practice to always keep track of where you found the ideas and quotes you are using to write your assignments. The library can provide you with useful tools to avoid plagiarism and make the task easier.

Books & links

Here are some links and books recommended by the library to help you with your citation formatting and bibliography list:

Citation Management Software

Citation Management software the library recommends

  • Zotero: There are two versions available for download, according to which browser software you are using, one embedded in your browser and the other as a standalone program. It works well as personal digital library as well, and can be connected to Google Drive and Dropbox to store full-text articles.
  • Endnote Web: While the main Endnote software requires an institutional subscription fee, Endnote Web is freely available to all users.  EndNote is the industry standard software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references online. Powered by the Web of Knowledge platform.
  • Mendeley: Mendeley is a free reference management software that also allows you to interact with others in the academic community.  You can use your Facebook account to login, or register using the Sign Up and Download button.
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