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Communication and Composition: Articles

A guide for the Department of Communication and Composition


There are two ways to search for electronic journal articles, newspapers, magazines, reports and other types of sources:

  1. You can do a general search in the library's homepage under the "E-resources" button. This way you are searching all the databases NU library is subscribing to. Subsequently you can filter according to subject, date, type of source etc. to focus your results.
  2. You can search in a subject database related to your topic. The results will be more specific but you might miss out some relevant results that might be part of other subject databases.


Some recommended databases useful for Communication and Composition students:

To find the full list of all the subject specific databases NU library subscribes to click here

EBSCO Discovery Service

To search the entire e-resources collection of the library, click on the tab "E-resources" on the first page of the library's portal and enter your keywords

snapshot of the e-resources search box

Some basic tips on searching:

  • Use the boolean operators OR, NOT to broaden or narrow your search respectively
  • Use quotation marks ("an example") around two or more keywords to conduct a phrase search

Alternatively, click on this link to access the e-resources interface.

Watch the following tutorial for a brief overview on how to conduct a search EDS:

For more advanced tips on how to search effectively, visit EBSCO libguide

Open Access Databases

Search the DOAJ for quality articles from open access journals

Google Scholar

To cast a wider net, try Google Scholar Search. Checkout our useful guide on how to make best use of Google Scholar and Google search

Google Scholar Search
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