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Google: Google Search Tips

Learn some tips & tricks to improve your Google searches as well as how to get the best out of Google Scholar


You can use Google filters located on the top of results. Click on News, Images, Videos to explore different categories of data for your keywords. For example, searching for a location and clicking on "Maps" gives a quick overview of the place with photos, basic information etc. Note that each category has its own set of filters too. For example you can filter News results according to date and Images results according to color.

You can also navigate to the respective pages of Google Images, News and Videos.

google filters

Other Tips

Here is a list of search tips to make your searches more efficient:

  • search within a specific site
  • filetype:example specific types of documents like pdf or presentation documents
  • ~example the tilde in front of your search term includes synonyms of that term in the search (broadens search). Ex.: ~university will also search "high schools", "higher education institutions"
  • * put an asterisk to replace a letter inside a word, a part of a word or word inside a phrase. It will return results with all the alternatives
  • DEFINE:example to find the definition of a word in a dictionary
  • intitle:example / allintitle: example1 example2 / intext:example / inurl:example / allinurl: example1 example2 term(s) must appear in the title, text or URL of the page. You can search for one or more terms.
  • searches for websites Google considers them as related
  • example AROUND(number) example this is a proximity search. It means you can search for words that are in a specific distance from each other (input the distance number in the brackets).
  • lists all the websites that link to the website you searched for.
  • use the + symbol before the common words such as "how," "this," "where," "a." to ensure that Google does a search. Ex. +who +are +you

Some additional options in the advance search:

You can also search Google for other types of data like weather forecasts, movie showing, ranges etc. Go to Google's Help Pages to find out more!

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