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Selecting a Journal for Publication: Undergraduate Publishing

This guide provides some recommendations and criteria for selecting a journal for publication; introduces with Open Access and Predatory Publishing.

Publishing with CABAR or Oxus

PaperLab, together with The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs and Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting announced a mentorship program. Each successful applicant will be paired with a researcher from PaperLab or The Oxus Society for three months to publish their original piece at either The Oxus Society or

  • Short analytical papers (800-1000 words)
  • Longer research papers (3000-4000 words)


  • All NU students majoring in social sciences and humanities;
  • Interested in writing about politics, sociology, gender studies, economics, history, and culture in countries of Central Asia.

PaperLab is a public policy research center whose mission is to improve and inform policy decisions by enabling an environment for quality research and public discussion. We believe that research should be open, available, and understandable.

Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting ( is a regional analytical, informational and educational platform for Central Asia. Its mission is to develop expert and journalistic analytics, provide training on new media, and provide analytical support for broad social processes in the countries of the region.

The Oxus Society is a group of Central Asian scholars headquartered in Washington, DC, but part of a global network of experts located around the world.

Mentorship Program

Journals for Students Research

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