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Disability Support and Inclusion

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology is any device, software or equipment that enables people with disabilities to participate in education, work and civic life, thereby promoting their inclusion in society.
The primary purpose of assistive technologies in an educational context is to maintain or improve individual’s learning and independent functioning, thus helping better perform and succeed academically.

The NU Library provides a range of high tech assistive products for users with vision, hearing and motor impairments.

Assistive Technologies Room

For patrons with special needs the NU Library has a quiet and comfortable space in the Assistive Technologies room - #5.108
equipped with several designated work stations.
A work station for blind users includes the following hardware and software
  • JAWS  - screen-reader;
  • Everest V4 - Braille embosser;
  • Duxbury - Braille Translator;
  • Zyfuse Heater - to produce tactile graphics;
  • Focus Blue - Braille display;
  • OpenBook 9.0 - e-text converter and reader;
  • Poet Compact 2 - reading machine.

A work station for users with motor impairments includes

  • An ergonomic table with adjustable height;
  • Clevy – a keyboard specially designed to prevent unintended keystrokes;
  • Trackball SimplyWorks– a substitute for mouse.           

General Reading Room

For persons who are low vision there is a video Magnifier HIMS in the 2nd floor reading room. A librarian at the service counter can help should you need to use it.
To enhance communication between library staff and hearing impaired users the service counters in General Reading Rooms are equipped with Istok A2 assistive listening systems.




assistive technologies

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