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Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference - 2021: About conference

About the Conference

The 10th Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference (EALC 2021) is an annual library conference discussing current issues and trends in library and information services. Formerly, it is also called Library Connect (2011-2018), International Conference on Emerging Global Trends in University Library Development (ICEGTULD - 2019).


  • Increase awareness about emerging trends and development in librarianship,
  • Advance professional networks and international cooperation,
  • Inspire research ideas,
  • Introduce international experts,
  • Ensure constructive exchange of information, best practices, and lessons,
  • Establish conversation between researchers and practitioners, 
  • Expose to the diversity of libraries issues and solutions,
  • Enable to modify actions.


Now in its 10th year, the Nazarbayev University Library will be holding the Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference virtually with the theme “Contemporary Trends in Information Organization in the Academic Library Environment”. 

Information Organization has been one of the main functions of libraries, whatever the kind is. The emergence and development of technology have seen to be a driving force and a great tool in improving this function. With so many roles that libraries and librarians undertake to make them more relevant with the changing times, this part of library work should not be underestimated, especially in the new normal. Such introduction to technology has brought various ways and processes on how libraries and librarians deal with information. 

Conference Logo

The conference logo is a composition of several parts:
ealc logoa) Abbreviations of the name of the conference - “EALC” (Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference) with the date and venue (Nur-Sultan is the capital of Kazakhstan);
b) Panorama view of Nur-Sultan City is above the abbreviation of the conference name;
c) Symbol of the unity of Europe and Asia, depicted in the form of two oval figures, under the Shanyrak is on the left side. Shanyrak is a round shape that depicts the ceiling of a yurt, which for Kazakh people is a symbol of a home, the unity of the earthly and the sublime, an heirloom.
The colors of the logo are from the Nazarbayev University corporate palette. The burgundy color symbolizes dignity, strength, and solidarity; green is for hope, friendship, education, honor, and aspiration.



Tendik Yermekpayeva


Alexandr Andryukov


Piotr Lapo


Tolkyn Jangulova


Assemgul Temirkhanova


Lazzat Arystanova



April Manabat


Dalila Amirova

Sponsorship Zaure Bekentayeva


Marina Poyarkova


Altynay Kozhayeva


Alexandr Andryukov


Galiya Alimova

Events Evaluation

Aigerim Akparova

Editorial Board


April Manabat


Darya Zvonareva (Russian language)


Lazzat Arystanova (Kazakh language)


Karryl Kim Sagun-Trajano

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