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Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference - 2022: Ethics


Ethics for Participants

The organizers of EALC 2022 advise each participant to observe the following etiquette practices. Your solidarity shows utmost respect to speakers and co-participants. 

  1. Always be on time to check in to the conference. It is recommended that you come to the assigned room 10 minutes before the actual start of the event.
  2. The conference registration team will check attendance for those requesting e-certificates. We strongly recommend using your first and last name when you register. 
  3. Open forum for asking questions to speakers. Please raise your hand and use the table mic for asking questions by pressing the button during the Open forum. Kindly mention your first and last name, institution, and country.
  4. We request your full attention. If nothing is urgent, please avoid replying to other things not associated with the conference.
  5. If you are an online presenter, we kindly request you to prepare a backup presentation in case technical difficulties arise.
  6. To accommodate more questions, we advise you to ask concise questions. Introduce yourself as short as possible and directly ask your questions.
  7. Most importantly, let us respect each other by using positive language. The conference organizers reserve the right to ban any participant that shows disrespect or uncalled for behavior.


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