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Faculty and Staff

Order New Textbook Titles

The following information is needed to order:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Edition
  • Year published
  • ISBN

Electronic materials and course codes are preferred because only 5 print copies are purchased. Digitization of materials is no longer permitted. 

The following types of materials might be provided based on their availability. Discuss your textbook and supplemental material needs with your Subject Librarian and School manager. 

Format Description Term of Use Access
Print book Print copies of the book available at the library

Unlimited. Can be borrowed within the term or short loan.

if new textbook, we can only order a maximum of 5 copies

At the library with call number.

Will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis and be added to the Course Reserves

ebook Electronic textbook with perpetual access

Unlimited access by unlimited number of users (UU), 1 user (1U), 3 users (3u), or 5 users (5U) as set by the publisher

Can be borrowed within 14 days

Via link from the library and have print/download functions set by the publisher/provider. Will also be added to the Course Reserves
Access code/e-textbook Electronic textbook with limited access (rented textbook) Limited use (e.g. 120-150 days or 1 term) and accessible via individual codes Via online bookshelf from Vital Source or the publisher's website and have download functions set by the publisher/provider. Not added to Course Reserves but should be accessible in course's Moodle page. 


  • For Fall Semester - March 15th
  • For Spring Semester- September 10th

Ordering by these dates does not guarantee that your books will arrive on time. There are many factors that affect how long it takes books to get here such as books being out of stock with the publisher, waiting for more books to be printed, customs clearance, regional limitation etc. It is preferable to have an alternative title/s just in case the initial request will not be available due to reasons mentioned above. 

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