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What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves is a library service wherein course-related materials are made available to students during the entire semester and accessible either electronically or physically, through the NU Library.

What materials can be added as course reserves?

Course reserves may include but are not limited to library books, textbooks, the instructor's personal book, videos, ebooks, journal articles, book chapters, recordings, class handouts, and other materials deemed necessary by the instructor.

Should I place a request to access my course reserves?

Technically, no need. As long as you know your course code and the title of the book, you can just go directly to the library and borrow the books. If the copies of the books are enough, you can use it for the entire semester. If not, the books will be placed at the Short Loan.

Where can I get the course reserves for my classes?

These course reserves are both available in NU Main Library (2nd and 3rd Floor) and at NUSOM Library. 

Who can access course reserves?

Course reserves are only available to bona fide members of the academic community, specifically, those who are currently enrolled in the subject.

Can I borrow course reserves and if yes, for how long?

Yes, you can borrow course reserves for a limited time (i.e. 2 hours to 1 day/overnight) if this is a short loan or for the entire semester (120-150 days) if this is a textbook as requested by the instructors teaching the subject.

Are course reserves the same as textbooks?

Course reserves are the required readings set by the professors teaching the subject which may include textbooks among others. 

Who should I contact about course reserves? 

For questions and concerns related to course reserves, you can send an email to or contact your subject librarian

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