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Eurasian Academic Libraries Conference - 2020: Awards

Best Paper Award


The Best Paper Award is given to the paper judged to have made the most significant, fruitful, and exemplary contribution in the entire duration of the conference. The award will be given during the closing ceremonies of the Conference.

Procedure. Judges of the paper can make their assessment based on the submitted abstract and full paper in the proceedings. Judges should rate the paper from 0-5 (5 being the highest) based on the criteria provided. In addition, the paper can gain this award if one of the authors is present during the conference.


The following are the specific criteria for the Best Paper Award:

  1. Significance of the paper
  2. The extent to which the paper is interesting, incl originality
  3. A theoretical contribution to the field
  4. Use of the appropriate methodology
  5. Quality of writing and/or presentation (clarity, structure).

Reviewer’s feedback will also be considered


The evaluation will be performed by the Steering Committee, Program Committee. Keynote.

Best Speaker Award 


Selection of the Best Speaker Award is designed as a tradition of the EALC and aims to engage attendees in the evaluation process. 


  • Quality of presentation
  • Presentation skills 
  • Interaction with the audience


  • All participants are encouraged to cast their vote for the best speaker of any type of presentation as defined in the program (ex. oral, poster, light talks, workshop etc).
  • The criteria should be based on the subjective judgments of attendees.
  • The evaluation form should be available online during the conference.
  • The determination of the winner will be based on the 80-20 rule of votes (e.g. 80% from the audience, 20% from SC and PC).
  • The speaker with the highest number of votes is recognized as a winner.
  • The winner of the Best Speaker Award receives a certificate and prize, and their names are announced to all conference attendees after the conclusion of the conference.
  • The prize is annually defined by the Conference Steering Committee.


For inquiries, please contact

Darya Zvonareva

(Program Committee Chair)


tel.: +7 (7172) 70-59-41

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