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Collaborative Research: Research Networking

This LibGuide provides resources, tools and insights on collaborative research.

Matrix of RN Tools





Digital Vita

University of Pittburgh

  • A social networking system based on faculty Curriculum Vitate (CV)

  • Allows researchers to manage their complete CVs, output CV information in a variety of formats, build their social network manually as well as automatically

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Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS)

  • Leverages PubMed citations to show co-authorship and assess investigator similarity based on existing research activity and research interests

  • Generates network graphs for viewing direct coauthors or assessing investigators working within specific research areas

Profiles Research Networking Software

Harvard Catalyst

  • NIH-funded open source tool to speed the process of finding researchers with specific areas of expertise for collaboration and professional networking.

  • Network analysis and data visualization tools allow to generate research portfolios of institution, discover connections between parts of their organization, and understand what factors influence collaboration

  • Imports and analyzes "white pages" information, publications, and other data sources to create and maintain a complete searchable library of web-based electronic CV's

Data export type: XML, RDF, SPARQL

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Symplectic, London

  • monitors and tracks who has deposited publications, to ensure researchers’ work remains within policy requirements.

  • filtersarticles by linked funder, to narrow down those that fall within a funder’s policy.

  • build sreports on the level of compliance, by researcher, department or research group.

Supports Open Access

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  • member-supported, open source software and an ontology for representing scholarship.

  • supports recording, editing, searching, browsing, and visualizing scholarly activity.

  • organizes scholarly record, research discovery, expert finding, network analysis, and assessment of research impact. 

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