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Introduction to Patents and Patent Searching: Introduction to Patents

This guide provides the general information on patents and lists useful links for patent searching.

Why are Patents Useful to Your Research?

  • Patents are great  and unique source for technical information for design;
  • Patents contain descriptive and useful information on inventions and might be the only source that contains such information. 

What is a Patent?

1. A specification concerning the designs or manufacture of something which is protected by letters patent and secured for the exclusive profit of the designer or inventor for a limited number of years which varies in different countries from fifteen to twenty years. The department which controls the registration of patents is called a "Patent Office".

2. A publication, issued by a Patent Office, which gives details of designs and processes. 

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Types of Patents

  • Utility Patents or Patents for Invention 
  • Design Patents 
  • Plant Patents 


  • Novelty
  • Usefulness 

Parts of a Patent

Front page: 

  1. Title                      
  2. Patent number 
  3. Inventor (s)
  4. Assignee (s)
  5. Classification (s) 
  6. References Cited 
  7. Abstract 
Patent front page

Additional parts: 

  1. Figures 
  2. Description 
  3. Claims 
Additional part of patent

Kazakhstan Patent Legislation

National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NIIP) is an organization that fulfills expert functions of the patent office in Kazakhstan.

According to the Kazakhstan legislation, an invention, a utility model, and industrial designs are considered as the industrial property and should be protected by a patent.

An invention patent is valid for 20 years from the application date, a utility model - 5 years, and industrial designs - 15 years. Any patent's validity can be extended upon the patent owner's request.

For a detailed description of patent law for industrial property in Kazakhstan refer to the Patent Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The patent process of the selection achievement (a new plant variety, a new animal breed) is regulated by the Kazakhstan Law on the Protection of Selection Achievements.

Patents at NU

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