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Primo Quick Start Guide: Advanced Search

Performing Advanced Searches in Primo

During your research, you may reach a stage where the keywords and search terms you apply become lengthy and intricate. Fortunately, with the Advanced Search function, you can construct your search strings without having to utilize the AND, OR, and NOT operators.

The Advanced Search page enables you to specify additional lines of criteria, which are not available with the Simple Search (see Performing Basic Searches). In addition, it enables you to specify filters prior to executing the query.

advanced search options

The Advanced Search page contains the following components and options:

  1. Search for – Search profile slots enable you to search within a specific category of materials (such as materials belonging to your institution, course reserves, or any additional repositories the library supports). You can also limit your search results by specifying filters.

  2. Field selector – This parameter enables you to narrow the search to all search fields or a particular field (such as title and subject) for each search line.

  3. Search type – This parameter indicates how your search terms are compared against the search field for each search line. The following values are valid:

    • Contains exact phrase – Returns results for searches within Author, Title, and Subject fields that have phrases that exactly match the words specified in the query. Results for title searches may include records that do not include the search term in the title. This is because exact Title searches are expanded to include the record's alternative title and authority subject fields.

    • Contains – Returns results with all words in the phrase, but the words may be in a different order and may not be as close together.

    • Equals exact phrase – Returns results for searches within Author, Title, and Subject fields that exactly match the words specified in the query. 

    • Starts with – Returns results that contain words that begin with the specified string. 

  4. Operators – As with basic searches, you can include Boolean operators between words and phrases in each search line: AND, OR, and NOT. In addition, the Operator drop-down list enables you to select the operation used between search lines. 

  5. Add a New Line – Advanced searches enable you to include a maximum of seven search criteria lines containing the following parameters: operator, field selector, search type, and search box.

  6. Filters enable you to narrow your results to specific metadata (such as a material type, language or date range). You can include and exclude facets to filter your results further in the search results.

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