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Primo Quick Start Guide: Viewing Results in Primo

Understanding the Results

You can identify the resource type from the description above the item's title. This description will tell you whether the item is a book, eBook, journal, article, etc. It will also tell you if the item is available online or at which NU Library it's held.

types of results

If the results list indicates multiple versions found, there are various editions or formats of the item available. You can click this link to see a list of different editions.

Item details

Clicking on the title of an item will open a full record details. On this screen, you will see item details and the following headings:

  • Send to
  • Access Full-text or Get it (for print items)
  • Details
  • Virtual Browse
  • Links

item details

Working with Primo Records

There are a number of actions that you can take with a Primo record. Some of these appear on the right-hand side of the record, but you can find more under the ellipses (...) on the right-hand side of each record:

record actions

If you click on the ellipses (...), you will get the full list of actions that you can take, including creating a permalink to the record, exporting the record to EndNote, and printing or emailing the record:

full record actions


The list of actions is displayed as a "Send to" list in the full record of each item.

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