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Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures: Books & e-Books

A library guide for students majoring or taking courses in linguistics, languages, literature and culture

The library has a great collection of literature, comic and foreign language books, both in print and ebook format!


Books on the Shelves

Call number categories for Language & Literature
P Philology / Linguistics
PA Greek / Latin language and literature
PB Modern / Celtic languages
PC Romance languages
PD Germanic languages
PE English language
PF West Germanic languages
PG Slavic /Baltic/ Alanian languages
PH Uralic/ Basque languages
PJ Oriental languages and literature
PK Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
PL Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
PM Hyperborean, Indian and artificial languages
PN Literature (general)
PQ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese literature
PR English literature
PS American literature
PT German/ Dutch/ Flemish/ Afrikaans/ Scandinavian/ Old Norse/ Modern Icelandic/ Faroese/ Danish/ Norwegian/ Swedish literature
PZ Fiction and juvenile belles lettres




Search the Catalog

The most effective way to search for a book is to use the library's catalog.

Go to the library's portal and insert your keywords in the search box. 

If you already know the title or the author of the book you are looking for, click on the link "Advanced Search". From the drop-down menu select the type of information you want to search for (Author, Title, Subject terms, Publisher, ISBN/ISSN, Publish dates) and click Search".

In Advanced Search you can also COMBINE fields for the best results!

Note down the call number of the books you are interested in. Now you are ready to find the books on the shelves! If you have any problem, ask a librarian!

e-Books for Language & Linguistics

Check out the following database for ebooks. You can download chapters or read them online

Project Gutenberg

Latest titles by Project Gutenberg, a catalog of books in the public domain

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Central Asia fiction

Comic collection

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