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A library guide for students majoring or taking courses in linguistics, languages, literature and culture


Welcome to the Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures Research Guide!

This guide will help you discover the best resources in the library and beyond for your assignments. Sections on citing, web resources and evaluating your sources and are included.

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Starting your Research

A good search always starts with the best keywords.

  • Break down your topic or research question to its key concepts and find alternative keywords/phrases that express it.
  • Try different combinations of keywords on different databases
  • Keep a list of your keywords and their different combinations to track your research journey.

You can use reference sources (see right) to expand your keyword pool

Reference Sources at the Library

A reference source summarizes information: gives the main developments, authors and history of an event, an idea etc. Encyclopedias, handbooks, introductions, dictionaries and monographs can be described as reference sources and it's useful to start your search by using these tools. An easy way to find these sources on the shelves is to go to the start of the LC number based on the subject you are researching on, for example if you are researching Linguistics and Languages go to the start of the shelf under the category P.

Online reference sources


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Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics

P40 .C564 2001

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics

P 29 .I58 2003

Concise Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Language

P106 .C5946 1997

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

P29 .C64 2010

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences

P29 .C28 2011

The Cambridge Dictionary of Linguistics

P29 .B76 2013

Introduction to Psycholinguistics

P37 .I68 2012

The Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism

P115 .H365 2012

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages

P371 .C357 2004

The World's Major Languages

P371 .W6 2009

Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature

PJ7510 .E53 1998

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature

PN471 .W455 2004

The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Literature

PG2951 .E47 2011

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Literature

PN45 .O84 2009

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