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Biomedical Engineering: Data

Resources for getting started doing research in Biomedical Engineering science

Data Search

The resources below will help to start search for data:

Search hint

You may search in databases like Science Direct, PubMed or other from A-Z list. In the advanced search or having results apply limiter Dataset if it is there.

Managing Your Data

The biomedical engineers collect, reuse or generate numerous amounts of data - tissue samples, assays, spectroscopy, laboratory notes etc.

The guide below contains basic information to get started to manage, find, share, understand ethics, create, and cite data.

Laboratory Notebooks

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) serve for recording and long term storing of procedures, data, and calculations, results of the experiments. Having the interface much like a paper lab notebook, these tools also perform data analysis and visualization, search, produce templates, allow collaborative sharing and teamwork.

Analysing Data

Data analysis tools available at NU

The adapted list of tools, software, and APIs to deal with research data

Data Visualiation

This article highlights the importance of improving visualization practices in biomedical research. The authors also provide detail description of data visualization resources recommended for biomedical scientists in any field.

Find tools to get you started on visualizing your data and information.

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