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How to Read and Download eBooks?: Main

This guide has been created to assist students in searching for, accessing, and download ebooks through the library's homepage.

General Settings

Nazarbayev University Library has an extensive collection of ebooks from different publishers. Using eBooks at the library is different than personal eBooks. We provide free access to the subscribed or purchased books from several different websites (platforms), however, you how will be allowed to work with an eBook depends on the functionality available on the platform or any restrictions placed by the publisher.

Use the tabs above in this guide to find differences in using ebooks websites and databases.

Before you start, follow some general recommendations:

  1. Create a personal account on the hosting platform.
  2. Download software for reading ebooks: 
    1. Adobe Digital Edition for desktops and laptops, which is free of cost and log-in using your Adobe ID.
    2. Bluefire reader for mobiles and tabs from Google Play or Apple Store.
  3. Some eBooks have restrictions on the number of simultaneous users:
    1. Download chapters instead of the entire book whenever possible.
    2. If you're done reading an eBook, close your browser tab to end your session.

Access On and Off-campus

The ebook collections are available for free to students, faculty, and staff 24/7 through the library's homepage and online catalog. Remember that to access these books, you have to log in when prompted using your NU credentials.


1. There are some options to search for ebooks. Use the library catalog and discovery service for general search with title and keywords.

2. You can also visit the A-Z database page to explore the specific resource. Type keyword "ebook" in the search box or select a subject in the drop-down menu:

A-Z databases interface


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An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, eBook, digital book) is a book made available in digital form and designed to be read using special e-book software, some of which preserve the book’s original layout and design. Ebooks can be read on a variety of PCs (desktops, notebooks, tablets, and handhelds), PDAs, and dedicated e-book readers using specially designed e-book software. (Source: CredoReference)


The ebooks in our collections are offered most;y in PDF or in epub formatting, but it is good to understand the other formatting options as well.


Calibre is one of the most popular program that allows users to organize e-books and convert them to different formats. Download Calibre for free online for Windows, MacOS, Linux and portable devices.

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