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Library Information Literacy Program at NU

The Nazarbayev University (NU) Library and Information Literacy (LILY) Program traces its humble beginnings during its launch in 2018 to achieve student success across all schools of the university. The mission of the NU Library's Information Literacy Program is to develop active lifelong learners and critical thinkers in the community. The program aims to help students improve their abilities to search, access, evaluate, apply, and acknowledge the right information they need.

In the last five years, the NU Library conducted numerous library instructions and information literacy sessions for the academic community in line with the NU LILY Program. In its continuous effort to improve the sessions, after five years, a need to revisit and revise has been considered. In 2023, the Reference Office initiated the revision of the NU LILY Program with more defined learner levels (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced). Aligned with the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Educationthe revised program highlights the target frames, the indicated learner levels, and expected learning outcomes, as well as suggested activities and assessments that can be used as a guideline for designing lesson plans and conducting sessions in the future. 

The American Library Association (ALA), international professional library associations, library educators, and librarian practitioners promote Information Literacy as a standard program for promoting student learning. It is said that a student who is information literate can access information efficiently and effectively, evaluate information critically and competently, and can use information accurately and creatively (ALA, 2000). 

With the revised IL Program, faculty members and other teaching staff have the opportunity to request sessions from each of the modules one at a time and may select modules that are more appropriate for their classes. While NU LILY follows a structured framework, the sessions under each module/frame can be tailor-fit depending on the request. It is advisable that students will be able to start with the library orientation and attend most, if not all other modules.

The description of each module can be found in the side menu. It contains specific learning outcomes and learning objectives. Please contact your Subject Librarian for more information.    


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